How do I use the Designer?

There are three steps involved in designing your own apparel. The first step is choosing the item of clothing (tshirt, sweatshirt, singlet, etc). Secondly you can add an image to your design. In the last step you can add any text. Once you have it looking the way you like, just click 'Add to Cart'.

Can I add my own image?

Yes. When on the second tab "Image", click "Upload Your Own Image". Be aware that we won't print low-res images. Please insure that your image is at least 300 DPI. If we find that your image is too small to print, we will contact you to try and get a higher quality version.

How do I make the background of my uploaded image tranparent?

This is only possible by uploading a png file. To do this, delete any unwanted background contents, and save the file as a png.

When I upload a high quality file, the image doesn't load

Some files may be too large to upload. For store owners, we recommend uploading a smaller file for the web, and sending us the high quality version for print.

What does 300DPI mean?

We print files at 300DPI this refers to the level of detail printed in the finished design or image. The more dots that are packed into each inch of print, the more refined the finished product.


Can I just upload anything?

No. You cannot upload any copyrighted material, including branding, products, or images. When adding a product, you must have the high quality image ready for print immediately.

Why can the colours on my printed shirt look different to whats on my screen?

This is because the colour system used on a computer monitor is RGB. We print in CMYK colouring so the pallet of colours available isn't as large as RGB.


Will my garment arrive looking exactly like I see on the designer screen?

We try to make orders look as accurate as possible to what has been designed while still working inside our printing dimensions of 400mm wide by 500mm tall. If a image is designed larger than these dimensions (or designed to fit perfectly inside the blue square on the designer) it can come out looking different.