How do I open an account?

The most common way to open an account is when you make your first order. Alternatively, you can open an account by clicking SIGN IN on the top of this page.

Can I remove my account?

Yes. First you must sign in. To close your account, go to "My Account", and click on the "My Information" tab. At the bottom right of this page you will see the option to delete your account. It is important to note that this will also remove any stores you have created.

How can I find products on Print Mighty?

Visit the Web Stores page. Here you will find a list of all our web stores that currently have products available. You can use the filter at the top to find what you are after easier. You can also search products from all stores at once by using the search box.

What can I do on the site?

There are three main parts of the site. The first allows you to design and purchase your own item of clothing. The second part is browsing our client web stores for the freshest new designs. Thirdly, you can create you own store and start selling your designs!