Web Stores

What are Print Mighty web stores?

These are stores set up by people like you. They are free to open, and you can make money off every sale.

Why is my store not being listed on the Web Stores page?

For your store to be listed, you must add a store profile image. This can be done by going to the My Stores tab in My Account

How do I open a store?

This is an easy three step process. First click 'CREATE A FREE STORE' at the top of this page. You will be required to sign in, or register. Once you've done this, choose one of our site templates to get you started (you can edit this later). After this you need to choose a name, and the domain name. For example, your name might be "Designs By John". Your domain name cannot contain spaces, so you could make it designsbyjohn, or designs_by_john. It's totally up to you. Now choose which category best fits your store.

How do I edit my web store?

First you must be signed in. Go to 'My Account', and click on the 'My Stores' tab. This page will list all your stores. Find the store you want to edit, and click 'Edit Design'. On this page you can upload new images, and change background and text colours. To make things easier on yourself, have another window open, showing your store. This means you can refresh this page to see any changes you make straight away. If you have any further questions, please contact us: service@printmighty.co.nz

How do I close my store?

Please contact us at service@printmighty.co.nz to request a store closure.

How will I know that I have sold a product?

Once signed in, you can view all your sales, by going to 'My Account'. Click on the 'My Stores' tab. Each store you own has a link to 'View Statistics'.

When I upload a high quality file, the image doesn't load

Some files may be too large to upload. For store owners, we recommend uploading a smaller file for the web, and sending us the high quality version for print.

How Much profit do I make on each product in my store?

You can add any amount of profit you want to a product in your web store. What ever amount of profit you add will dictate the final price of your product.


When and how do I get my store profit from sales?

We pay out store owner profit on the first of every month to any stores that have made over $50. We can transfer profit earnings for amounts less than this upon request so please get in touch with us at service@printmighty.co.nz.


When will you need the high quality files for print?

When we receive an order for one of your products, we will contact you for the high quality file. We require the files within 48 hours.

Can I just upload anything?

No. You cannot upload any copyrighted material, including branding, products, or images. When adding a product, you must have the high quality image ready for print immediately.

Why have some of my designs been removed?

We remove any images which do not line up with our terms and conditions. Continued uploading of these images may result in the removal of the store entirely.

How wide should I make my header?

This can be any width or height. However, the page width is 846px. Having your header as this width will make your page line up well.

How do I restrict the colours available on my products?

Go to My Stores in My Account. Click on "Edit Products' in your store admin. Here you can choose which colours are available. Remember to save your changes to each product as you go.

Do I need to pay taxes from my profit made?

All tax obligations are the responsibility of the store owner. You can find out more information here: www.ird.govt.nz